How We Submitted Our Blog to Blog Directories

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your website is blog dictionaries. Blog dictionaries are one of the oldest ways people used to post their blogs. The only unfortunate aspect of this is that it is tough to find good content. These blog dictionaries are still true to this day. There are many helpful blogs that you might find in these blog dictionaries but much easier to find the right blog. These blog dictionaries are moving towards elevating the excellent content and also reward the writers.

One of the best ways to find the right blog is to buy looking up the best blog dictionaries in Google. Most dictionary requires a certain amount of payment, the inclusion of referral banner and button to get to the actual blog. One of the best ways to start is getting used to a free dictionary than submitting for the paid dictionary. Try to make sure that the blog you are posting are up to the mark and are posting in a higher domain authority to help you rank in the page and can be worth a lot more. There are a few places where you can post your work.



Blogged is one of the places which is recommended by many as it is well known. This dictionary is quite hard to work with as you can see a lot of articles which are not really relevant or ranked well on the top pages, which can make it hard for people to continue.


Bloggabpedia is the latest post which was quite old but is one of the best. If you are looking for a blog dictionary, this is one to go with as it is quite easy to understand and does not seem very difficult to keep track of your articles.


Spillbean requires you to pay and have a backlink button. There is also free directories that do not require such restrictions. But, if you are looking for a paid submission, this is the best recommendations for your blogs.

a paid submission,


Blogcatalog is free for specific industries as they are some of the best when it comes to browsing on the front page and can allow you to focus on personal blogs. It is the best fit for commercial writings.

In conclusion

Blog dictionaries are one of the best ways to increase the traffic of a site, especially if the audience find your article relatable and up to date. The results generated can be pleasing but does not offer as much authority as posting in other high domain authority websites which can help your website to get the relevant audience quicker than blog dictionaries.

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